Spicy Kombucha Mocktail

September 22, 2023

By Joseph Joseph Indonesia

Happy hour from the comfort of your own home.

It’s Friday*, you’ve closed the laptop and you’re ready to unwind for the weekend. A drink sounds tempting, but you don’t fancy a hangover the following morning. Well, let us introduce you to @shisodelicious‘ refreshingly spicy (and Instagram-ready) kombucha mocktail recipe.

*Although this non-alcoholic drink can be enjoyed any day of the week.



Step 1

Squeeze the juice of the lime into a small bowl.


Step 2

Wash and grate 1/2 of the lime and add to the same bowl.


Step 3

Slice the chilli, tear the coriander and add both to the lime juice.⁠


Step 4

Add the syrup to the juice mixture then use a muddler or spoon to crush the herbs and chilli into a fragrant mixture.


Step 5

Mix then spread the salt and chilli powder on a small plate.⁠


Step 6

Moisten the rim of a tumbler glass using the leftover lime then dip the rim of the glass into the salt mixture.⁠


Step 7

Add ice cubes to the glass.⁠


Step 8

Pour the muddled mix over the ice, straining out the muddled mix for a smoother mocktail, or including some for a more rustic vibe.


Step 9

Stir to mix, garnish with coriander and chilli and serve.⁠




5 Minutes




1 lime

1 hot red chilli⁠

Small bunch coriander⁠

1 tbsp syrup (agave or maple)⁠

1 tsp fine sea salt⁠

A good pinch of hot chilli powder ⁠

Ginger kombucha or soda to mix⁠

Ice cubes⁠