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Cupboard Essentials That Just Make Sense

You Can Thank Us Later

September 29, 2023

By Joseph Joseph Indonesia

With cupboard space being a precious commodity, it’s no surprise that most are often cluttered, crammed and, well, a little bit chaotic. Our CupboardStore™ range remedies this, offering great organisational solutions to storing tins, jars and other food items while also making the best use of space available.

Below are just a few new additions to the range. Ready to clear the cupboard chaos?

CupboardStore Expandable Shelf

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best as is the case with our expandable shelf. Easy to assemble and install, this handy design allows you to store a variety of food items by making the best use of the space available.


CupboardStore Rotating Organiser

One issue with cluttered cupboards is visibility – there’s always one item buried at the back that takes far too much effort to fish out. Our rotating organiser solves this through its tiered design. Simply rotate to find the item you need. It also includes rear pocket storage for smaller items such as stock cubes.


CupboardStore 2-tier Rotating Organiser

Access all angles with this rotating organiser. Offering two tiered platforms for storage and a rotating base, it makes it super easy to organise items in the cupboard and find the one you need when you need it.