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September 29, 2023

By Joseph Joseph Indonesia

Looking for some life-improving designs at seriously good prices? You’re in the right place. From a dual-compartment laundry basket to our bestselling (and award-winning) kitchen bin, you’ll find just what you need to make daily tasks easier in our special offers – and the discounts will raise a smile, too. Don’t worry about scrolling; we’ve picked our favourites below.

For laundry day

With dual compartments to separate clothes and removable tote bags for easy carrying, our Tota laundry basket makes wash-day a breeze.


For on-the-go life

Stay refreshed with our reusable hydration set. Loop™, our stainless-steel water bottle, features a smart lid that’s easy to carry and store. Our travel mug, Sipp™, keeps germs to a minimum thanks to its hygienic flip-top cap.


For the bathroom

Treat your bathroom sink to an upgrade with this two-piece set. It includes a stainless-steel soap pump for keeping hands clean and a sleek storage caddy for toothbrushes, toothpaste and other dental essentials.


For mess-free cooking

Whether you’re stirring, scooping or flipping, make food prep easier with our clever carousel of Elevate™ utensils. Each one features an integrated tool rest to keep the head raised off the surface, meaning no messy worktops to clean up afterwards.


For the cutlery drawer

The messiest drawer is no match for our set of two cutlery organisers. One offers overlapping, angled compartments for spoons, knives and forks while the other design is perfect for safely storing both small and large knives.


For sorting waste and recycling

With removable buckets for each type of waste, including a small food caddy that can be stored inside the bin, Totem is the award-winning kitchen bin that allows you to sort waste and recycling in one compact unit.


For easy food prep

Our ever-popular Folio™ chopping boards offer hygienic food prep and textured cutting surfaces that won’t damage knives. Speaking of knives, this set also includes a 6½” chef’s knife with an integrated tool rest that keeps the worktop clean and a protective sheath for safe storing.


For a sleek and efficient sink

Washing the dishes is not the most joyful task, but this two-piece set makes it easier. It includes our stainless-steel dish drainer that expands to almost twice its size to fit every dish and an easy-pump soap dispenser that can be operated with a wrist or forearm when hands are dirty.